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CT sannerAdvancements in radiology technology have taken the art of diagnosing disease well beyond the simple X-ray, and Coshocton Regional Medical Center’s Radiology Department has set our sights on keeping pace. We have focused on maintaining an advanced level of imaging technology you can count on for accuracy, precision and timely results. Our commitment to diagnostic technology has included enhancements including:

  • Providing a complete upgrade our Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) equipment
  • Upgrading our CT scanner to 64-slice
  • Adding 3D Mammography
  • Installation of a Logiq9 ultrasound machine
  • Installation of a new nuclear imaging Infinia camera with Xeleris upgrade and cardiac imaging software
  • Addition of a fully digital radiographic room

Our conversion to digital imaging enables us to capture a digitalized image instead of using film. In this format, the image can be quickly viewed for accuracy before you leave, greatly reducing callbacks for additional images.

Once your X-ray is taken, the image is transmitted to the radiologist for review. With digital technology, the radiologist can zoom into an area of interest with great clarity and can readily make comparisons to other images or films you have on record. When the radiologist’s analysis is complete, the report and images are electronically transmitted over a secure connection to your physician to complete the diagnosis. The resulting benefit is timely access by our team of radiologists with a visual image response back to your physician. Further, the technology used in sending information via secure transmission saves precious time once spent in film development and transportation.

It’s a new age in radiology and Coshocton Regional Medical Center is proud to use a broad range of new technologies to benefit our patients. If you have questions, please contact our radiology department at (740) 623-4132.