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Emergency Services

If you think you may be experiencing a life-threatening emergency such as a heart attack or stroke, please call 911.

Do you know the early signs of a heart attack?

When an unexpected health emergency occurs, you can count on the care providers in the Coshocton Regional Medical Center Emergency Room (ER) to help. Our ER is staffed 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, with physicians and nurses specially trained in emergency care. Our ER staff is skilled to effectively evaluate your condition, manage the appropriate tests including X-rays, CT scans and laboratory testing, and to decide on the appropriate course of treatment. Depending upon the nature of your illness or injury, the emergency physician may choose to:

  • Admit you to the hospital inpatient unit for surgery or further treatment
  • Provide the necessary treatment in the ER and release you to your home for rest and care
  • Administer medical care to prepare you for transport to a trauma center for such issues as severe traumatic injuries, or heart attack or heart failure requiring interventional care. Our ER physicians will determine if transport for additional care is necessary, and will provide the initial care designed to help ensure a positive outcome.
  • In the event of a suspected stroke, our ER staff will use a rapid online visual connection between the ER physician and the Ohio State University Medical Center’s board certified vascular neurologists. The bedside technology allows the neurologist to speak directly with the ER physician and the patient, complete a visual assessment, and review CT scan and laboratory results. This important networking tool provides us with real-time access to the same expertise and protocols available at a tertiary care center.

At Coshocton Regional Medical Center, our patients deserve the benefits of professionally trained, compassionate and experienced emergency physicians and nurses equipped with the highest levels of diagnostic technology ... and that’s the service we deliver. If your recovery requires transport to a medical center, we will work with the receiving hospital staff to get you quickly and safely to the next level of care.

Things to Remember When Coming to the ER

Depending upon the severity of your illness or injury, there may be times you will experience a wait before being seen. Please understand those with life-threatening or critical injuries or illnesses are naturally given top priority. However, we certainly believe every patient is important and we will work to provide care as soon as possible in every situation. Our nursing staff will keep you informed of any issues that may be delaying your care. These delays can include:
  • Processing time for obtaining results from procedures such as X-rays, lab tests and CT scans
  • Additional consults or examinations by specialty physicians
  • Time required to process orders for admission

To help prevent delays, please try to remember to bring the following with you when you come to the emergency room:

  • Driver’s license or photo ID
  • Insurance card
  • List of medications
  • Family member who can help provide needed medical history information if you cannot

The emergency department is located at Coshocton Regional Medical Center on the corner of 15th and Orange Streets in Coshocton, Ohio; the physical address is 1460 Orange Street.

In the case of a life-threatening emergency such as a heart attack or stroke,
please dial 911.