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Digital Radiology

Advancements in radiology have led to exciting technologies that greatly enhance the delivery of timely and accurate diagnoses. Our commitment to delivering excellence in diagnostic services has let to our conversion from film X-ray technology to digital radiology for the benefits this state-of-the-art technology offers our patients. With digital radiology - unlike conventional film X-rays – images and results are monitored, analyzed and stored in a safe, digital format, allowing for faster and more accurate readings. Digital radiology offers ample benefits for our patients, including:

  • Immediate observation of images – The images appear almost immediately on the technician’s computer screen, so you can be assured before you leave that the image is clear and accurate.
  • Ability to enhance images – Images can be enlarged for better clarity and visibility as it is reviewed by the radiologist. The capability to enlarge a section of the image or enhance the contrast for clarity helps provide the sharpest image possible for diagnosis.
  • Data storage – Digital data storage eliminates the inefficiencies of paper files, which allows quicker access to patient images when needed. Storage is also safer than storing large films and requires less space, making more hospital space available for patient care.
  • Communication with other physicians – Images can be sent to the radiologist for interpretation, to your primary physician or a consulting physician in a matter of minutes. Physicians are able to consult while viewing the image, getting the answers you need more quickly than the limitations of traditional film would allow.
  • Less radiation – Digital radiology uses far less radiation that conventional film radiology.
  • Shorter exam time – Depending upon the procedure, digital radiology can offer a significantly shorter exam time that traditional film radiology.

We understand you may still have questions about the advancements in digital radiology services and what they can do for you. Please talk with your physician; we also invite you to call our radiology department at (740) 623-4132. Our radiology technologists would be happy to discuss your upcoming test and answer any questions you might have. For more information on Radiology testing and treatments, visit