Oncology Services

Oncology Services

The Coshocton Regional Medical Center Oncology Unit provides comprehensive medical oncology services with a coordinated approach to caring, compassionate, individualized care. Our outpatient unit is led by skilled nurses with competencies in oncology care who coordinate your care with all physicians including your oncologist, hematologist, family physician and other specialists. We can coordinate access to clinical trials or referrals to specialty cancer center physicians when necessary.

We take a personal approach to cancer care, recognizing that each patient’s diagnosis is unique and requires the understanding and professional expertise to appropriately manage his or her care. Our comprehensive care applies a multidisciplinary approach, with continual monitoring to follow the progress of care and recognize when adjustments need to be made. Testing is coordinated on-site to ensure rapid turnaround for results using diagnostic services including:

Our oncology unit offers a variety of treatments, including chemotherapy and blood products. We coordinate these therapies with your oncologist or hematologist using our on-site pharmacy and laboratory for the effective multi-disciplinary management of care. Infusion therapies are delivered in a private, calming environment.

Advancements in chemotherapy have resulted in treatments that allow better response for specific conditions, as well as fewer or better-controlled side effects. Your caring Coshocton Regional Medical Center Oncology Team will help you manage the treatment process, guiding the access to care, information and emotional support you and your family need.

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