Women's Health

Women's Health

Mitesh Parekh, MD, Urogynecology

Urogynecologist Mitesh Parekh, MD. is also available for colsultations regarding urinary issues that affect a woman's quality of life including:

- Female urinary incontinence
- Female voiding dysfunction
- Urinary retention
- Fecal incontinence
- Pelvic organ prolapsed
- Painful bladder syndrome
- Recurrent UTI
- Female sexual dysfunction
- Chronic pelvic pain
- Dyspariunia
- Complication management from pervious pelvic surgeries
- Fistula with genital tract
- Urethral diverticulum
- Vulvar problems

Dr. Parekh is located at 1523 Walnut Street; call (740) 454-8551 to schedule an appointment.

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