Coshocton Heart & Vascular Center

Coshocton Heart & Vascular Center

vascular doctorCoshocton Regional Medical Center welcomes Ahmed A. Habib, MD, FACC, FSVM, to lead the Heart and Vascular Medicine Center at Coshocton Regional Medical Center. Dr. Habibi is board-certified in Cardiology, General Vascular and Endovascular Medicine.

The Heart & Vascular Center focuses on the function and disorders of the heart and circulatory system. Cardiovascular disease that affects the heart and/or proper blood flow through the body can lead to heart attacks, strokes and other serious health issues. Coshocton Regional Medical Center is dedicated to advancing heart care here at home under the leadership of Dr. Habib.

The Heart & Vasculare team will diagnose and treat patients with:
- Coronary Disease
- Heart Failure
- Cardiac Rhythm Disorders
- Peripheral Vascular Disease
- Venous Disease

The Coshocton Heart & Vascular Center also offers rehabilitation services to help patients recover following a cardiac event. The program provides nurse-monitored exercise, nutritional information and educational support through the recovery process. Cardiac rehab focuses on providing a calm, supportive atmosphere to help you regain strength and return to a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Habib is now accepting new patients at his office located in Suite 1, 1523 Walnut Street in Coshocton, Please call (740) 623-4481 to schedule an appointment.

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